Native advertising reinvented
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Flexibility, Speed, Quality, Relevance, Volume Quite simply the best native advertising solution
in the world.
Native advertising is already part of the media landscape...
...We're here to unleash its potential!
The first end-to-end Native
advertising platform
for the media, advertisers,
agencies and trading desks
Now you can Create, Distribute, Optimise all the components of the native chain in a single interface
  • Proprietary native ad server
  • Full Marketplace features
  • Availability in SAAS, self-served or managed mode
  • Multi-device applications
  • Programmatic architecture
  • API connection to brand safety tools
  • Bespoke targeting solutions Grapeshot Krux
Quantum solutions Flexibility, efficiency, critical mass
  • Multidevices
  • Multienvironnement
  • Multicontenus
Quality, the be-all and end-all A script guaranteeing full visibility
Let consumers navigate your brand 3 users experiences for a deeper engagement
Simplicity Matters
Impressively effective
* Quantum advertising campaign panel and customer
feedback between 1 November 2014 and 1 October 2015.
Quantum helps advertisers and agencies create and distribute brand content at scale.
  • Experts in brand storytelling
  • A content-based approach
  • Design and production resources
  • Distribution in line with priority KPIs
Quantum Video
Quantum reinvents the distribution of video brand messages.
  • In-teaser video placements
  • Expandable native video placement
  • The highest viewability and completion rates on the market
Our customers More than 200 advertisers and counting
Are you a publisher?
Simplicity and efficiency
Quantum transforms any pixel of your website into a Native placement.
Quantum reinvents your users’ advertising experience: integrated, targeted and engaging.
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